Store & Merchandise Policy


Returns & Exchanges on Clearance Items

 We DO NOT accept returns or exchanges on clearance items. Customer is responsible for checking merchandise before purchasing floor samples and clearance items. Clearance items are sold as is; they do not come with warranty. If a refund or return is accepted by James Furniture, a 15% restocking fee will be charged from total amount. ALL SALES ARE FINAL, NO REFUNDS, NO EXCHANGES, NO CANCELLATIONS.  

General Returns & Exchanges

 James Furniture only accepts returns, exchanges or cancellations three days after purchase date. If returns or cancellations are made, a 15% restocking fee will be charged from total amount.  

Warranty & Repair Orders



Furniture offers a 30-day warranty on all items except mattresses that include full factory warranties.  

Repair Orders 

James Furniture will first inspect any merchandise that is claimed to be damaged. Once merchandise has been inspected (within our 30-day warranty), James Furniture will decide on how to proceed with the repair order. Any repair orders after our 30-day warranty are subject to a small repair fee. 


 Upon agreeing to a 3 month layaway purchase agreement, customer is responsible for making payments in a timely manner directly in the store within the course of 3 months. A 20% deposit is required at time of purchase. After 3 months and payments have not been received, previous payments will be nulled and not refunded unless you contact the store regarding your agreement.  

Delivery & Pick Up



Delivery services are requested at time of purchase for an additional fee (fees vary based on locations, type of service whether drop off or installation, and amount of items purchased) Delivery services can also be requested after time of purchase by contacting the sales associate who assisted you or the location where you purchased. 

Pick Up 

James Furniture can hold your purchased order for 3 days after being notified that your order has arrived. A 10% fee will be charged if your order has not been picked up after our 3-day storing grace period. James Furniture will be more than happy to hold orders for an additional 3 days without a storing fee ONLY IF you contact your sales associate to request additional storing time. 


 Upon signing a financing contract with either of our finance partners, customer is to make payments directly to whom they financed with. Payments and down payments vary on the total amount of the purchase and contract agreements. Any questions, comments, or concerns regarding your finance agreement, you must contact who you financed with at the number and reference number that was provided to you at time of purchase.