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Merchandise Policy & Customer Agreement

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  1. Returns and Exchanges on Clearance Items: We DO NOT accept returns or exchanges on clearance merchandise. Customer is responsible for checking merchandise before purchasing floor samples and clearance items. Clearance items are sold as is, they do not come with warranty. If a refund is approved by James Furniture, a 15% restocking fee will be deducted from the total. ALL SALES ARE FINAL, NO REFUNDS, NO EXCHANGES, NO CANCELLATIONS, on clearance items. 

  1. General Returns and Exchanges: James Furniture ONLY accepts Returns and Exchanges at the same day of purchase. If James Furniture approves a cancellation after day of purchase and order has arrived at James Furniture’s Warehouse, a 15% Restocking fee will be deducted from your refund total. If merchandise has not arrived at James Furniture’s Warehouse, no fee will be charged or deducted. 

  1. Warranty: James Furniture offers a 30-day warranty on all items including mattresses, except clearance items. Majority of our merchandise come with a one (1) year manufacturer warranty. Any warranty claims after 30-days must be resolved directly with your product’s manufacturer. Please ask your Sales Associate for more details regarding your item’s warranty.  

  1. Repair Orders: James Furniture will first inspect any merchandise that is claimed to be damaged. Once merchandise has been inspected (within our 30-day warranty), James Furniture will decide on how to proceed with the Repair Order (which can be in the form of an entire replacement or an exchange for a product of the same price or more; clearance items do not qualify for a repair order).  

  1. Financing: Upon signing a financing contract with either Sychrony Bank, Progressive, Preferred Lease, Acima, or Snap Finance, you are to make your payments directly to whom you financed with. Payments and down payments vary on the total amount of the purchase and contract agreements. Any questions, comments, or concerns regarding your financing payments, you must contact who you financed with and provide them with your application number plus additional information. James Furniture will only approve a financing cancellation in the case where your items may not be available.  


  1. Layaway: Upon agreeing to a layaway purchase agreement, you are responsible for making payments directly in the store within the course of 3 months. A deposit of 20% is required at time of purchase. After 3 months and payments have not been made, your deposit and previous payments will be nulled unless you contact the store regarding your agreement to extend your layaway time frame. Layaway agreements, deposits and payments DO NOT come with refunds.  

  1. Delivery & Installations: Delivery services are requested at time of purchase for an additional fee (fees vary based on locations, installation or drop off, and amount of rooms purchased). Delivery services can also be requested after time of purchase by contacting your sales associate or the store where you purchased to schedule delivery and receive fee amount. At the time of delivery, our delivery drivers are not responsible for clearing your space or moving around your old furniture, rooms must be cleared and ready for the new furniture. 

Our delivery drivers will call you 1hr-30 minutes before arriving with your delivery. If no one is home when our delivery drivers arrive, they will wait an additional 15 minutes. If no one shows up after 15 minutes and you would like to reschedule your delivery, you are responsible for paying another delivery fee at time of rescheduling.  


  1. Pick Up: James Furniture Warehouse can hold your purchased order for three days after being notified that order has arrived at our warehouse. A $10 daily fee will be charged to you at time of Pick Up for every additional day you merchandise is being stored in our warehouse (fee is due to space). James Furniture offers a 3-day warehouse storing grace period after notification day. James Furniture can hold your order for an additional 3 days without an additional fee ONLY IF you contact your sales associate or store to request additional warehouse storing time.  

If you denied James Furniture’s delivery and installation services and preferred to Pick Up yourself, James Furniture is not responsible for any damages that occur during the transition of you transferring your own furniture from our pickup location to your home. James Furniture will ONLY be responsible for complying with our 30-day warranty policy for manufacturer damages and defects. We will be more than happy to help you repair any intentional damages at an additional cost which will depend on the type of item you purchased; otherwise a protection is highly recommended.  

  1. Special Orders: Catalog orders are considered special orders. James Furniture does not accept exchanges or returns on special orders. Customer is responsible for being 100% sure when ordering from any of our catalogs. James Furniture will only accept repair orders during our 30-day warranty through store. We pride on the quality of our furniture; therefore, we guarantee you will love your catalog order! 


 Merchandise Policy and Customer Agreement updated on August 1, 2020.